Night light skating

Playing around with some long exposure shots on the GoPro! The street shots are of me skating down the street with a flashlight.


Franklin Manor

We have a friend that lives right next to the water, and when the wind is good we usually pay him a little visits and get some riding in. Me and my dad trading shooting for riding.



Collection of GoPro shots from Whitetail.


A civic and a shovel

So one random snowy day me and Berto decide to hit up the mountain. With nothing but a Honda Civic and shovel for back up, we drove got stuck pushed and drove again to our final destination. Here are some go pro shots of that day


Rock Creek Picnic Longboard Race

Some shots from Rock Creek Picnic longboard race. Check out the event page here: Photos by Jonathan Charkas


Flying with Tony

Paragliding trip to Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, with the fam. Spent all day the day before looking for a good spot to jump but weather was not on our side. Day 2, it finally happened! Scenic drive up the mountain, a hike up the the take off spot, and awesome view on the way down followed […]


Longboard Quickies 2013

The start of a collection of quick edits from different spots we’ve hit. Looking for roads in Cabarete, and getting caught in a thunderstorm Rock Creek group runs, and some gnarly battle scar show. Crusin around the neigborhood Civiv center runs Longboard / Luge race Getting caught on Skyline


Snake Run Cement Park

Part of the crew on a day trip to B-more to check out some spots and hang out. We stopped by this awesome cement skatepark which has been around for close to 40 years and ripped it up before heading to the city. Most of these parks got destroyed back in the day when skateboarding […]


Las Terrenas Trio

3rd times the charm! Finally got to spend the day here hitting every section of this road one at a time. And yea it was as awesome as I thought it would be All thats left now is get better and hit it again! Here are a few photos and a rough cut of the […]


Cabarete Windflow Infographic

Collaborative project. Infographic show how important the building codes are for maintaining the wind flow and lifestyle in Cabarete. Illustrations: Pykotta Script: Mercedes Estevez Voice: Yoel Blondin Animation: Crimson Ape


Las Terrenas

Finally doing another longboard post! Soooo. Ive been wanting to plan a longboard trip to Las Terrenas for a very long time now. The road winds up and down a mountain right next to the ocean. With so many different sections and difficulty levels, that you could be on this road all day long and […]

Alexis Kite Surf-9

Alexis Guzman Montan

Short film for Pro Kiter Alexis Guzman. On his visit to Cabarete we filmed at 3 different locations over the span of a few days, and put together a short edit. All shot on the 7D with the help of my brother. Photos by Gabriel at


Raw Runs Longboard Collection

Just decided to upload a few of the best raw runs we’ve done. There are still some awesome spots we havent recorded yet but will do another post with more of those later. Here they are! Maryland Runs: Dominican Republic Runs: