In the last couple years I have discovered the thrill of longboarding. Being an adrenaline junkie, its only natural that I would be attracted by this awesome sport with its high speeds and constant proximity to danger. But what really got me is the ability it has bring people together.

It started one day when I decided to buy a board and ended up riding around the neighborhood every once in a while, usually by my self… Eventually convincing friends here and there to join me, but not really passing on the bug. Fast forward some time, and I’m in Caberete, Dominican Republic, which for those who don’t know, I consider my second home. I ended up mentioning longboarding to a friend and found out that there was a whole group here that rode. He invited me to a local spot where we were joined by the rest of the crew. Here is where I finally got a real taste of this sport… I watched them go up and down this long hilly country road, bombing, sliding, carving, just being free. Just watching how much fun these guys were having, I knew I had to do this. I won’t go into detail about my attempt at hitting this road as it wasn’t too graceful, but it was enough to get me hooked!

Now back in Maryland, with a new sense of motivation and a mission to be able to keep up with the Cabarete crew, I started finding friends who rode, and friends who didn’t but wanted to join me, and just like that a longboard crew was slowly formed. I wanted to use this page to acknowledge those who have joined me on my adventures along the way and introduce an official Crimson Ape longboard team.

So in somewhat chronological order, here it goes:

Sean P. Mostly a BMX rider, this man can rip it on a longboard too. Always down to ride this is one of the first people that I really went out and rode with so def had to put him on here.
Lee. We met through snowboarding, and I found out later he was an avid longboarder as well. With his riding experience, and technical knowledge of the sport, this quickly became one of my best riding buddies, and in fact I ended up getting my first real taste of speed with him.
Steven. Long time friend and the last person I would’ve imagined riding. This man took it to another level from noob to proficient rider in very little time. And although he started off a bit reckless, he has always been fun to ride with.
Brandon. Moved down from Boston with his girlfriend which ended up being my co-worker. All she had to do was mention the fact that he longboarded and I knew we were gonna be friends. With his “go hard or go home” mentality, he was also the first person to take me out.. lol. First time falling off a longboard going downhill is a little scary but its gonna happen at one point or another so I’m glad it got done quickly. At the end of the day Brandon just wants to go fast.
Roberto. This man came out of no where to join the crew. With a background in skateboarding, he joined us one day and right away bought all the gear he needed. It took a matter of hours for him to catch the bug, and since then has progressed at a rate that I didn’t think was possible, eventually being among the first ones down in our friendly downhill races.
And of course lets not forgot about Cabarete! Shots were taken by my bro at wetravelandblog.com

Yoel. Longtime friend and new to longboarding. Always down for an adventure, and always good company.
Sebas Longboard BW-4

Carlos. Awesome kiteboarder, also new to longboarding. This kid is gonna be sick if he keeps riding.Sebas Longboard BW-6


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