Laps and laps of awesomness

This is another awesome spot. A big park with a long wide road that does one giant lap. Side roads, bike paths, parking lots, even a lake run. This is by far the best spot to learn at, and its always a good time… Here are a few shots of the roads. You could be […]


Kiting La Boca with Carlos Alfredo Rodriguez

A few shots and a short edit from a day at La Boca with Carlos. Watching this kid ride is always fun because not only does he make it look easy, but you can tell he’s always having a good time. And at the end of the day thats what it’s all about. And the […]


First tastes of speed

Lee on the GoPro for a group run: Ok so this is the first spot that became the go-to place for weekend riding since a lot of the roads are closed to cars then. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I heard there was a road that was locally famous for longboarding. I convinced […]


First Days of Riding

Ok so I had already written this post when I remembered a video me and my friend put together from the early days of riding. With only one board, home-made slide gloves, a GoPro, and an awesome Mega Man soundtrack, I will open this post with “Grown men skateboarding”. And now the original post: From […]


Mini shirt run

Did these for my little cousin. The duck was drawn directly on the shirt with paint markers.


Eskimo Sketch

15min Quick sketch using some new brushes on the Cintiq


Audio Jungle Series – Sapo

The Audio Jungle will be a series of animal/music illustrations. This is “Sapo”the frog hangin out on his own magic party-stump. Final Colors and textures! WIP Playing around with colors right now. Just need to do the shading and details and we are done! Original Line work


Giant mushroom – Acrylic on Canvas WIP

Playing around with some acrylics on a small 12×12 canvas. Still working on getting the depth of field right and adding details but so far im happy with the overall composition and colors. Will maybe add an extra accent color to give it a little extra touch. I have been relying on sharp lines and […]


Random sketches

Some random sketches I did while in Dom. Rep. I was playing around with a looser, not so clean drawing style. I want to keep experimenting and see what else comes out


Elephant Mouse Lines

Music is soothing the elephant to the point where it at peace with a mouse. Lines done by Jonathan Charkas.


Skull eater

  Another t-shirt design illustration. When i first started this, I got a little carried away with the size hence all the tape.s. Anyway here is the final and some photos of the original line work.  


Water Color Test

Never really took the time to play around with water colors but i found a set and went to work! Its a little different than acrylic since you cant really cover up any mistakes and every stroke darkens the color just  a bit more. Def want to play around with it more, and specially wanna […]