Wooden Kiteboard Painting

I’ve been painting a handmade kiteboard crafted by Todd Mitchell. So far Ive done the basic sketch, the main outlines, and played with some coloring. I will keep updating this post with all the work in progress.


Burton US Open Photos

Burton US Open Photos! I spent the weekend at Seven Springs and got to take a few photos at the competition. Enjoy!  


Birthday Buddy

This illustration was inspired from a silly hat i saw some where. Almost designed to be like a birthday card for any Crimson Ape followers.  


Welcome to the official Crimson Ape Blog! So i needed a place to upload random work other than facebook and this is it! Here you will see lots of work in progress, as well as finished pieces, photos, news, and more! Check out the official site at Thanks and have a nice day


Screen Print Illustrations

Ok so these started off as random sketches and turned into full ink drawings. I wanted to play around with a few different styles and see what would work for t-shirt designs or posters. I want to get a few more done first and then make a screen for the best ones.       […]