Las Terrenas

Finally doing another longboard post! Soooo. Ive been wanting to plan a longboard trip to Las Terrenas for a very long time now. The road winds up and down a mountain right next to the ocean. With so many different sections and difficulty levels, that you could be on this road all day long and still not have explored everything. We stuffed a truck with 6 people, 4 board, a few cameras. and headed out. Although we didn’t get to ride the main parts of the road because of weather, ( and very poor planning on my part), we all got a little taste of the greatness this place could be. Here are a few shots from the trip.

Last crew member to join the party

The official crew, minus the photographer
LAs Terrenas Long Board-3

The warm up hill, and the most longboarding we got in
LAs Terrenas Long Board-4

LAs Terrenas Long Board-2

The place we stayed had to donkeys that apparently wanted our company… or food. lol
LAs Terrenas Long Board-8

Pit Stop at a surf beach on the way back home. Frustrated that no one decided to bring a “water” board… lol. By this point my mind was still on the road the amazing road that we left behind and didnt get to really ride… Next time we will conquer you…
LAs Terrenas Long Board-11

LAs Terrenas Long Board-12

And a rough edit from the trip: